I am a PhD in Computer Science with a background in Electronics Engineering.

I am currently looking for a job! ... voilà my CV, both the academic (with a list of publications) and 1-page versions.

Linear and Polynomial Regression

Linear and polynomial regression are supervised machine learning algorithms used, as their names indicate, to perform regression tasks, i.e., to estimate the values of a continuous response/target variable $y$. [Read More]

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

As human beings, we like understanding what surrounds us, either for the simple sake of knowing or because this gives us predictability. In that sense, in many situations it arrives that we have a problem that we want to model, e.g., from a phenomenon that depends only on basic physics... [Read More]

Finally a PhD, no longer a candidate!

I am glad to tell you that I finished my PhD with a defense that went great a couple of days ago, I am very happy :) I was lucky and my presentation got recorded, thus I want to share it with you! I hope you enjoy it! [Read More]

Back on Track

After a very long time, I am trying to finally dedicate some time to my website! It’s not that I didn’t want before, but I’ve been working SO much! I’ve decided to keep the Blog section. I feel this might encourage me to post stuff…we shall see, stay tuned :)...